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Asha worker took risky route to keep corona at bay in Gurguda


BHOPAL: At 9 on an April morning, Ranjana Dwivedi, a 43-year-old Asha worker, was waiting for a boat with her husband Sanjay Dwivedi along the Tamas river. She had to reach Gurguda hamlet, 20km off her village, Kauni Rukauli in Rewa district. She had to inform the villagers about how to keep the coronavirus away.

Because of the lockdown, many workers lost their jobs. Therefore, many were about to arrive at Gurguda from different parts of the country. As soon as she came to know about it, she wanted to go to Gurguda to make the villagers aware about the corona protocols before the stealthy killer could spread its tentacles. As the entire country was under lockdown and the river banks were empty her husband accompanied her. The blazing sun made her sweat. She wiped the beads of perspiration with a handkerchief.

Usually, the Tamas is dotted with boats. But, because of the lockdown, there was none. As Ranjana was getting edgy, Sanjay was consoling her. Suddenly, a boat appeared like a black dot on the silver water. Ranjana’s heart leapt up in joy. She says the boatman knew her well. Immediately after recognising her, he speeded up and reached the spot where she and her husband were standing. Upon getting off the boat, she had to walk more than three kilometers. She reached the village and got down to work. She called all the village women and began to talk to them about the corona protocols.


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