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The content strategy that is developed by an experienced content marketer is known as the Facebook Effect. The content strategy has the ability to change the way a consumer or subscriber think about a business. When a content marketing campaign is launched on Facebook, this can greatly impact the consumer’s or subscriber’s attitude. Content marketers should use Facebook and other social media sites when creating content strategies to further enhance brand awareness.

A Content Strategist will know the best ways to develop content strategies for a business that uses Facebook. The content strategy has the potential of changing the way a consumer or subscriber thinks about a product or service. For example, if a content marketing campaign is created on Facebook about camping, it may become very popular with campers and hikers who are looking for information about places, tips about hiking and directions.

One of the best strategies to use on Facebook is called “Like” or “Share.” Facebook users can “Like” or “Share” a marketing campaign posted on Facebook. This is extremely powerful because when a user likes or shares a post, they are taking a virtual action in supporting that campaign. For example, a content marketing strategy on Facebook about trekking can generate thousands of likes and shares. This strategy alone could create thousands of new customers for a business.

The key to an effective content strategy is creating a call to action. When a consumer “Likes” or” Shares” your content, you have already converted your content marketing plan into an advertising goal. This is a huge benefit because your content strategy is now being advertised to your audience. If you have created a content strategy with an excellent call to action, you will have the best opportunity to gain a new subscriber or to generate new customers. If your content marketing plan does not generate new action, then your content strategy will be considered a complete failure.

The third key factor to consider is creating a way for readers to unsubscribe if they do not like your content. This should occur within the first few interactions that a consumer has with your content. This is a critical step because it allows you to inform your audience without unnecessarily forcing them to act. A good strategy will include ways for readers to unsubscribe or remove themselves from your list. For a more detailed explanation, please see the resource box at the end of this article.

Once you have converted your content into an advertising goal, you can focus on the next part of your content marketing plan–delivering on your promise. Subscribers will be willing to buy only if they are offered an excellent product. You should always offer a free gift or bonus to your new subscribers. For example, you can send them a free e-book, newsletter, e-courses, video series, or other unique digital content that will help them achieve their goals.

Finally, you should monitor your Facebook strategy. Use tools like Get Exposure and Social Mention to identify the areas where you are excelling and where you are failing. Then use those areas to create new content. The key is to stay focused on your audience and provide content that interests them.

It is important to keep in mind that becoming a content strategist will take work. Do not get frustrated if it takes time for results because you are the one who is driving your business. Remember to keep track of your progress and learn from your mistakes. With time and effort, you will come up with innovative ways to market your products and attract more new subscribers.


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