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Despite rape threats, Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah shares video of trying on bras and underwear on YouTube


A user wrote: “Hiii! just wanna take a moment to appreciate your confidence and recognise the fact that it must’ve been difficult to put yourself out there after that incident. Quick reminder that we love u and appreciate you and ur hard work! Have a great day/night!”

“Here before any of the haters say anything! Aaliyah can wear whatever she wants, she doesn’t need your permission and especially not your judgement. Just be supportive of other people and you’ll realise the world is a much better place to live in. I make videos too and I know how much it means when people are supportive of each other,” wrote another.

A comment read: “More more power to you Aaliyah! You wear every piece with utmost dignity and confidence. Also remember the people who troll you for cloths reflects their mentality and insecurities. PERIOD.”

For the unversed, after Aaliyah shared a picture of herself in a bikini, promoting a lingerie brand, she had been targeted by trolls.

In a post, she revealed that she is “frightened” by the remarks and social media harrasment that she has been subjected to in the past few weeks.

Attaching the screenshots of vitriol-filled comments on her post, Aaliyah had said she initially tried to ignore it but felt there was a need to share her experience as such comments “contribute to the rape culture”.


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