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‘I Have Never Seen the Asian American Community Galvanized Like This’


It started on Friday night, when she left her home in Brooklyn to take pictures of a vigil at Union Square for the victims of the shooting spree in Atlanta, Georgia, last week, six of whom were women of Asian descent. “I treated it as going to a protest to cover like any other,” Kim says, “but when I got there, it hit me as a Korean American that there was a shift in how the Asian American community was reacting to this.”

The next two days, she joined demonstrators at a series of rallies, shooting for several hours a day as people throughout New York City mourned and marched. It’s the first time Kim says she’s seen the Asian American community come out to protest so intensely—and she thinks it’s a sign of the changing times.

In the past, she says, “I think the Asian community has been kind of silent. They’re not the type to protest.” But hundreds of people showed up on Friday night, and it was more than just a gathering to grieve with some speeches interspersed. Shooting in her signature black and white, Kim aimed to capture the palpable sense of shock among the crowd—a shock that spurred them later that weekend to the streets.


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