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Snake infestations and a deadly spider ‘plague’: Amid flooding Australians are now facing new horrors


Over the last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged and a slew of disasters ranging from locust swarms to volcanic eruptions people across the globe unanimously dubbed it one of the ‘worst’ years in the recent past. But for Australia, this might have just been the trailer.

Even as the southern nation reels from widespread flooding and tens of thousands remain stranded in eastern Australia, there is now a new and far more horrifying threat that many face. Much like their two-legged counterparts, animals too had attempted to escape the floodwaters.

Unfortunately for the human beings, this means that thousands of venomous spiders and snakes may now be seeking shelter in their houses. Visuals that have since gone viral online show thousands of spiders scurrying across the flooded terrain. Not to be outdone, snakes are also trying to find new shelter for themselves. As one Facebook user revealed, trees on his farm were now “full of snakes”.

But these are not harmless animals. As per an AFP update, Sydney residents are being warned that the world’s most venomous spiders could now be seeking refuge in their homes. Attacks by the Sydney funnel web incidentally can lead to death.


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