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Tara brings a sense of calm and peace in me: ‘Hello Charlie’ star, Aadar Jain


Aadar Jain, who made his debut in Qaidi Band in 2017, is taking another shot at fame. His next movie, Hello Charlie is releasing on Amazon Prime today. We caught up with the young actor for a quick tete-a-tete. Excerpts:

It’s been four years since you made your debut. Why did you take so long to come up with your second film?

I think you need to ask the question to the pandemic. My first film came out in 2017. I signed my second film in 2018 and it was shot in 2019 and was supposed to release in 2020. But the pandemic happened and so plans were shelved. Now, the film is releasing on OTT and I am really happy that the film is finally seeing the light of day. The trailer has had 2.3 million views and the film is releasing in 240 countries simultaneously. So yes, things did shape up well in the end.

So, the pandemic really played spoilt-sport?

Yes, it did. It affected the whole business of filmmaking and especially for newcomers like me it was a big setback because opportunities dried up. But on the good side people have been very welcoming towards me. Just a few days back I saw a few children in my building recreating the dance steps from a song of mine. They even showed it to me and that was really heartening. I mean when you see children treat your work so warmly it makes you smile! You feel grateful and blessed in their innocence! Also, I was waiting in the traffic and one of the people who was riding a bike stopped near my window and talked to me. He had seen me on screen. So, all these things re-instil your faith in the goodness of life.


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